Как компьютерные игры помогают в изучении английского языка

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ГБОУ школа №571 с углублённым изучением английского языка Невского района Санкт-Петербурга
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Котляров Михаил Сергеевич
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Щетинкина Елена Николаевна
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средняя школа

Is there any use of computer games in learning English?

What are my classmates doing during the breaks? Can you guess what they are busy with?  I can answer.They are busy with their gadgets. My classmates have installed different games on their gadgets and are playing them now. Do you see how they are interested in their business? They are so busy, that they pay no attention to each other.

I know that almost all adults and teachers think that these games are useless and playing them is only waste of time. And I want to prove you that they are mistaken.

For example,my favourite game is called “Roblox”. It is very interesting and there is no Russian version. That’s why in order to make all the commands I have to know the meaning of all the words I came across even those which we haven’t learnt. Where can I find the meaning of these words? Yes, in the dictionary. Now my vocabulary consists of such words as“action”, “treasure hunt”, “bee swarm”, “natural disaster survival”, “neighbourhood”, “hide and seek”, “vehicle”.

Now, please, pay attention to the game called “Subway Surfers”. It is about St. Petersburg. It was very exciting for me to play it because it contains the names of a lot of well-known beautiful places. Foreign guests like St. Petersburg. So do I.

There are another interesting games“FIFA 18”, “Knife Hit”, “Smashy Road”, “Minecraft”.

To sum up, I tried to show you some interesting games which helped me in learning English. I hope that adults – parents and teachers will change their opinion.



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